Monday’s Guardian


Hello Angel Friends.

If you were born on a Monday, Gabriel is your guardian angel. Gabriel can help you when it comes to your aspirations. What are your hopes and dreams? Are you confused about what you truly want out of life? Do you need clarification? A direction? Do you need encouragement to take that first step, or motivation to keep on going when things get tough? Gabriel is here to help.

Gabriel is also the angel of communication and can be of assistance when you need help articulating your true thoughts and feelings. He will help you in any situation where you need to communicate clearly and precisely whether to an individual or to an audience.

Guardian of Mondays, but available to all, call upon Archangel Gabriel in all matters concerning your hopes and dreams as well as in times when you need to speak up either for yourself, someone else, or when addressing a crowd.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles

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