Affirmation: I ask the Angels…

Angel Wings on Magenta  Bokeh Banner - Wide magenta bokeh background with a pair of Angel Wings on the left side and a shaft of bright light between radiating outwards and copy space all around

Hello Angel Friends.

As 2017 comes to an end, take time to reflect on the growth you experienced. Growth opportunities come in many forms. Acknowledge all experiences as part of the whole.

“I ask the angels to help me let go of that which no longer serves me,

and bring into my life all experiences that provide for my

Highest Good and Well-Being.”

The angels are here to help you, so call to them often, recognize their signs, be patient, and know they love you.

May you have a New Year filled with joy, good health, prosperity and most of all, Love.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

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