Angel Message: Resolution or Goal?


Hello Angel Friends.

The New Year is often associated with making resolutions in hopes of eliminating or adding something to your life that will make you feel better in the coming year – a chance for that “new beginning.” Have you ever resolved to “stop eating sweets” or “stop smoking” or “start exercising, or going to the gym, or at least walking every day!?” These are just a few of the resolutions people make which, for more than some, end in failure. This is because resolutions come from a position of “lack,” the point of view of not.

Even just saying the word “resolution” brings feelings of negativity into your energy field. Say the word and see how you feel. Does your solar plexus chakra contract? Do you feel a tightness or heaviness in that area when you say the word? The solar chakra governs your “personal power” and how you feel about yourself. How many New Year resolutions have you been unable to fulfill? Do you beat yourself up describing yourself with words such as having a lack of willpower, lack of determination, lack of energy, time or tools…some lack, lack, lack or another? Do you see how resolutions come from a position of lack? As a matter of fact, you very likelymay have sufficient proof that you will not succeed based on previous attempts and many “lacks” throughout the years.

So what about this “new beginning” thing – this new chance at improving your life? Are you doomed to fail? The good news is no, you are not. I learned many years ago not to make New Year resolutions for precisely the reasons I mentioned above. It was that year that the angels replaced in my mind the word “resolution” with the word “goal” and it made all the difference in the world. The angels explained that the word goal comes from a position of power, rather than lack. Just saying the word expands the solar plexus chakra providing a sense of personal power, of being in control of ones’ situation. They had me do this test, and I pass it on to you. Take a moment and try it.

Sit in a comfortable position, think of something you want to change in your life and then state it as a resolution – “My New Year Resolution is to ______________.” Now make note of how you feel. Next, make that same statement of change but declare it as a goal – “This year my goal is to ______________.” Now make note of how you feel.

                                       Which feels better the goal or the resolution?

When you make a resolution, it’s an all or nothing kind of proposition. You do it or you don’t, there’s no in between. When you set a goal however, there is usually a series of action steps needed to accomplish that goal and by taking one small success step at a time, you set yourself up for achieving your desired goal.

It reminds me of the time I decided to set the goal of eliminating refined sugar from my diet. I knew this was a tremendous task for me and that I couldn’t just stop cold turkey! So instead, I set the goal to reduce my sugar intake until I could finally eliminate it. The action step I took was buying a bag of cookies that I didn’t like. That’s right, DIDN’T like. Then, over the next week or so, whenever I got the urge to eat something sugary, I would take one cookie out of the bag and eat it. This satisfied my sugar craving but I didn’t like the cookie enough to want another one, or to want to eat the whole bag as I could easily do with cookies I liked. Within two weeks, I was off all refined sugar! I accomplished my goal.

Unlike resolutions, goals come from a point of positive thinking. When you set a goal, your intention feels good and you therefore subconsciously associate it with success. So this year, in 2018, try setting goal intentions. Break those goals down into manageable action steps. With each successful step, you are closer and closer to accomplishing your goal. I know you can do it!

It is my New Year’s wish to you that this be the year you successfully attain the new beginnings you so desire.

Happy 2018 to All!

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

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