10 Angel Affirmations for 2018


Hello Angel Friends.

I love afirmations because they hold such positive energy and always make me feel good when I focus on them. I especially like including the angels in my affirmations for added support. The angels love this too because as you know, we need to invite the angels into our lives for their assistance, so what better way to do this than by affirming their presence and guidance in our affirmations.

Here are 10 angel affirmations that I thought might help you start off the new year in a positive light. Take the ones that have meaning for you, edit or change them as you feel appropriate, just keep the intention positive.  Say these affirmations as often as you like – and most of all, have fun with them!


  1. The Angels surround me with their Love and Light and I feel safe and secure.
  2. The Angels help me take the right steps to live a healthy lifestyle.
  3. The Angels bring only loving relationships into my life.
  4. The Angels help me recognize and feel blessed for the abundances in my life. 
  5. The Angels help me put my concerns in perspective and when I do, I always feel better.
  6. The Angels help me share love and joy with everyone I meet.
  7. The Angels help me have patience and compassion for myself and others.
  8. The Angels help me have the energy and self-confidence to accomplish all my dreams.
  9. The Angels help me to let go of that which I cannot control.
  10. The Angels help me face each day with a smile.

I would love to hear some of your angel affirmations. Feel free to share in comments below.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

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