Archangel Camael’s Red


Hello Angel Friends.

Do you like the color red? Red is not only linked to the energy of Camael, but also is the color associated with the root chakra. The root chakra is our first chakra and is the energy vortex that governs our physicality and how we walk around in this world. Do you walk with courage and energy, confidently empowered, ready to meet the day’s challenges and achieve your goals? Or are you lacking in this area, often unable to focus resulting in feelings of helplessness, confusion, or being overwhelmed?

If the latter, call upon Archangel Camael and his beautiful rays of red for help repairing, balancing or restructuring your root chakra. This may take a little time, but have faith in Camael. He will provide you the strength, courage and insight to move in a positive direction toward achieving your goals. The next steps will be yours.

My angel wish for you is that Camael brings you to a place of personal empowerment.

In Love, Light and angel Sparkles.



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