Angels in the Candlelight


Hello Angel Friends.

Gazing into candlelight is a wonderful way to connect with the angels. Here is an exercise to help you connect.

Before you begin you’ll want to choose the color of your candle to burn. If you are familiar with the chakras and their associated colors, depending upon the focus of your question, you’ll want to burn a candle of that associated color. For example, if your question is about moving to a new place to live, this relates to the root chakra and the color red, so you might want to burn a red candle. If you’re looking for courage to ask for a raise at work, a yellow candle, associated with the solar plexus chakra and personal power would be perfect. If you are seeking love, burn a pink candle for the heart chakra unless you are healing from a broken heart, then the candle to burn would be green. If you are not familiar with the chakras, don’t worry, burning a white candle is always effective.

Next you will need to be clear on the question you want to ask your angel. Give it some thought and when you are ready, light your candle, take three deep breaths and gaze into the flame of your candle with “soft” eyes (explanation below). When you feel ready, invite the angels to be with you and then ask them your question. Be still as you continue to gaze into the flame. Notice any thoughts, images, sensations or sounds.

Give it at least 10 minutes and when you are ready, thank the angels for being with you. Write down anything you may have noticed during your session. You may need to decipher your message if it comes to you in sounds, feelings, or images you don’t understand. Keep a journal and log what you notice each time you do this exercise. Be a detective and look for any patterns that may reveal your answer. You may not understand your messages right away, but keep at it. The angels want you to know just as much as you want to know provided of course, the answer is for your highest good.

This is also a good exercise to start with when you are just beginning to connect with the angels. The question you might ask is, to give you a sign so that you recognize when the angels are with you. 

Back to the “soft” eyes – simply put, soft eyes are seeing with relaxed eyes. Here is an exercise to help you find your soft eyes.

  • Begin by taking 3 deep breaths, relaxing your body and clearing your mind of all thoughts
  • Focus on relaxing the muscles in your face by tightening then releasing them starting with your forehead, then your eyes, your jaw, and your chin
  • With your eyes open, begin to stare at an object in the near distance
  • Keep staring at the object until your eyes begin to tire
  • Now allow your eyelids to gently begin to close until they are just about, but not completely closed.  How you see from this position, is the state of  “soft” eyes.

Practice it often and eventually you’ll be able to immediately enter this state just by gazing into the flame of your candle.

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles

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