Archangel Michael


Hello Angel Friends.

Many of you might already know that Archangel Michael is the angel of strength and protection, but did you know that he is also the angel of absolute truth, both personal and spiritual?

Michael is associated with the third-eye chakra and can help you “see” your truth even if it’s hiding behind old emotional “scripts.” Michael can help you see the unwanted patterns and habits caused by these scripts – those that have been preventing you from living your truth. While certain patterns of behavior may have been necessary at one time in your life to help you cope with difficult situations or circumstances, as time goes on and your life circumstances change, such behaviors are no longer relevant. However, the emotional strings tied to these old patterns are strong and remain, often embedded, in our subconscious mind. These are the “strings” that need to be removed, the blocks that stand in the way of your truth.

Ask Michael to help you remove old patterns causing these blocks.

With his sword, Michael will “cut” away the invisible strings of old scripts limiting your truth.

With his shield, Michael will protect you as you release old behaviors that masqueraded as coping mechanisms, but now you see your truth.

With his cloak, Michael will comfort you as tears flow safely and without self-judgement, creating space for healing, as you begin to feel your truth.

With his love, Michael will guide you toward realizing your full potential, so that you may now begin to live your truth.

Michael, as with all angels, will always work on behalf of your Highest Good. Since Michael is ruler of Wednesdays, that is the best day to begin working with him.

In Love, Light and Angel Sparkles.

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