Gabriel’s Blue Moon


Hello Angel Friends.

Were any of you able to see the Super Blue Blood Moon? Being in New York, I wasn’t able to catch the full visual effect as the lunar eclipse took place at 7:52am -but I did get this photo of the moon as it was leaving our NY sky this morning.

During the next three days moon energy is going to be very strong. It’s a great time for balancing your masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. When I refer to the terms masculine and feminine, I’m not referring to gender but rather the characteristics of these terms. Everyone has both a masculine and feminine side to them regardless of their gender. Our feminine side is where our creativity comes from, our intuition and our sensitivity. Our masculine side is where our motivation comes from, our action steps, and direct focus. When you are in balance your thoughts and actions are in sync and everything seems to flow well in your life. When there is imbalance, the opposite is true.

Archangel Gabriel can help you balance your masculine and feminine sides. Take advantage of this three day window where moon energies are so intense. Ask Gabriel to help you in any area you need help with – his specialty is helping you achieve your Hopes and Dreams! So lay it out there for him – but if you’re stuck in one area or another – such as your creative idea or what action step to take next, you’ll know what imbalance Garbriel will  need to help you with first.

In Love, Light and angel sparkles.


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