Opportunities for Growth


Hello Angel Friends.

Every experience we have, whether we consider the experience something we want in our lives or something we do not want, holds the opportunity for a life lesson. Of course, we would want those “good” experiences to be the only way our lessons come – so we can learn to be grateful, thankful, be given the opportunity to feel our abundances, etc., etc., but sometimes our lessons are more difficult for us to learn (such as patience, forgiveness, or tolerance, not only toward others, but for ourselves as well), and may come in the form of more difficult experiences. I had one of these not so easy experiences this past week which made me take a good look at myself and what I expect of myself.  Oh some of these growth opportunities are so hard to deal with! But, anyway, the point is, be easy on yourself when your lessons come in ways that are not so easy. Know that the angels are here to help you, so make sure you ask them for their help. They will undoubtedly bring the right people, places or situations into your life to help you get through any difficult situation that arises.

In Love, Light, and Angel Sparkles,


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