Painting with the Angels


Hello Angel Friends.

The angels are sending their love to you today and want you to know that they always work on behalf of your highest good. They want you to think of your life as a painting where the angels provide you with the canvas, the brushes and the paint and then guide you in the direction that is in your best interest. However, know that ultimately it’s your free will choices that lead the way.

Sometimes it’s difficult to paint and nothing looks right on your canvas or you need a do-over so you paint over your previous picture, and you may choose to do this several times until you’re satisfied. But then there are other times the brush strokes  flow effortlessly across the canvas creating your perfect picture.  The difference between being blocked and painting freely is in your state of allowing. When you are blocked by negative thoughts, judgements and self-criticism, you are not in a state of allowing your magnificent creative self to flourish. Opening to positive flow is what will allow your paint strokes to glide effortlessly across your personal canvas.

Ask the angels for help in allowing your creativity flow.  They are master painters who surely will guide you in the right direction.

In Love and Lights,


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