Butterfly on a handHello Angel Friends.

Like the butterfly, we go through several stages before developing into the beautiful person we’re meant to be. Each stage is important in its own right and one cannot happen without the proceeding one coming into completion. But when we’re ready to fly, nothing can stop us!

Remember that when the egg hatches, it does not bring forth a beautiful butterfly, but rather a small caterpillar. That caterpillar has much work to do and in doing so, it sheds its outgrown skin. The process of outgrowing its own skin happens several times before it forms into a chrysalis – where transformation into the actual butterfly takes place. When metamorphosis of the chrysalis is complete, the beautiful butterfly emerges!

The angels want you to know they are here to help you and that growth happens in stages. By letting go of the old you make room for the new. You are in the process of becoming your own beautiful butterfly and regardless of which stage you’re in today, one day, transformation will be right at your fingertips – and when that happens, remember to embrace it and fly!

In Love and Light,


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