Angel Love Energy

Heart shape tree on grass field at sunset. Love, panorama

Hello Angel Friends.

One message that the angels want us to hear and understand is that Love is such an important part of our life. As you may know, angel energy is pure unconditional love energy and by the angels consciously being part of your life, you are partaking in the process of growing love. Like a seed being planted in a field, with each angelic encounter, you are nurturing that seed and as that seed continues to be nurtured, it grows and blossoms into a beautiful, healthy plant and it becomes part of this magnificent earth.

Once that love seed has grown within you and blossomed, it’s time to share love. Of course, how and with who you share love is a personal choice, and not one limited to sharing love in the romantic way, although romantic love is part of the love spectrum. Also within that realm is loving a child, a friend, a pet, nature, the arts, or any person, place, or thing that brings you good feelings and can brighten the day for you or someone else.

Once you are in the habit of sharing the love you have grown inside your heart, and you no longer  “think” about it, but rather helping someone in need or doing that act of kindness becomes automatic, it’s at this point, you are being love.  This isn’t to say that you must be perfect all the time (a lesson I’m now learning) but, rather shows the angels you have come to a place in life where your love seed is growing, is being shared, and has become part of your being, your authentic self.

In so doing, you are helping to strengthen the fabric of this magnificent earth. And this makes the angels very happy because, now they know, you understand.

In Love and Light,



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