One Little Light

April_19Hello Angel Friends,

What is the power of one little light you might ask? It only has a small flame. It doesn’t light up a whole room full of people. What can one little light do?

The angels answer:  If just one person holds a little light, one small candle shining brightly – and they hold it toward just one person, that person’s life is illuminated and the brightness causes them to see the truth of their life with struggles as lessons, and abundances and blessings, and they have a warm happy feeling.  Now let’s say that in turn, that person holds a candle and shines it brightly upon another. That other person now sees their life in truth and happiness fills their heart. That person then holds a candle toward yet another, who holds it for another, and then another, and another, until all the little candles shine brightly on all the people in the world.

Now this is a major task for sure, and you might be thinking it will take a long time to make any kind of difference. But that is not true. Imagine if each day you shined your light on just one person and that light shines by way of kind words or a friendly smile. Then in turn that person smiles and speaks kindly to another, shining their light upon them to share. And that next person does the same for someone else and that little light keeps shining all day through. Now imagine, the next day you do the same thing – and so does everyone that was touched by your light directly or indirectly that previous day. Think about this. Think of the ripple effect I spoke of in an earlier post. Think how bright our world can be if we all shined a little of our light on someone, or on many,  each day.

How powerful that one little light can be –  when it shines through you onto me and reflects on to another, and then to another, and another, and another – this is the way it should be.

In Love and Light,








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