Send Worries to the Angels


Hello Angel Friends,

The angels are always working on behalf of your highest good. Send your worries to them and be assured that the right circumstances will surface, at the right time, for the right outcome of the lesson you are working on, or are playing a role for in someone else’s lesson. (This often happens as a result of a pre-birth contract we entered into for the purposes of helping another person with their lesson. Within the role we are playing, it’s very likely our own lesson is being presented as well.)

The key is, send your worries to the angels and then let it go –  have faith and patience that the angels are on the job! Try not to dwell on the problem, don’t speak of it, don’t think of it, don’t dwell on it in your mind. Dwelling just keeps you tied into the negative energy. Send your worries to the angels and let it go…think of other things – happy times – happy memories. This brings you into a positive energy vibration.

Try to maintain that positive vibration. If you slip, just bring yourself back with a good feeling thought. Once you are in this state, notice and be open to any and all new occurrences that cross your path. These positive changes are likely the angels trying to get messages through to you regarding your problem. If you’re unsure of what the angels are trying to tell you, ask for clarity. The angels will be happy to clarify.

In Love and Light,



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