Your Secret Window

Princess Castle Fantasy Backdrop

Dear Angel Friends,

What lies beyond your secret window? What hopes and dreams of yours are out there just waiting to manifest? Whatever they are, giving your attention to the outcome of your desire, without holding onto any doubt or fear, will help your dreams come true.

Use your childlike imagination to create the exact picture you’re dreaming to have in your life. Use your childlike faith to help you know that this dream most certainly can be yours. Use your childlike enthusiasm and feel the dream to be yours – part of your very own being.

Look through the secret window to create your possibilities – it may have been so much easier to dream as a child – or maybe not – but either way, know the angels are here to help you now.

Call to Archangel Gabriel to help you manifest your hopes and dreams! Call to Archangel Zadkiel if you need help feeling the abundance new dreams bring.

In Love and Light,




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