Angels and Feather Colors


Hello Angel Friends,

Looking for signs that the angels are near? Finding feathers are one way the angels are letting us know they are with us. The most commonly found feather is the white feather which symbolizes spirituality of the highest vibration of the angelic realm. But feathers of other colors also represent the angels and are put in our path when needed.

If you find a red feather, the angels are bringing to your attention the need for taking care of your physical world, either your health and well-being such as your eating, sleeping, and exercise habits, or to your foundation for survival such as matters relating to your family, home or job.

If you find an orange feather, the angels are trying to spark your sense of creativity and may be guiding you toward experiencing the arts by incorporating it into your life for pure enjoyment – or as a part time or second career.

If you find a yellow feather, the angels are letting you know you are not alone in your time of need and that you can call upon them for additional strength in any situation you may be facing. The angels are also telling you there may be need for you to work on your sense of personal power. They can help you with that too.

If you find a pink feather, the angels are sending you love – they are surrounding you with love and want you to feel comforted by this knowing.  If you happen to be thinking of a loved one who has crossed over, the angels send pink feathers to let you know your loved one is watching over you.

If you find a green feather, the angels are letting you know they are here to help you heal from whatever situation is causing you distress. It is also a reminder to take care of yourself by letting go of what no longer serves you.

If you find a blue feather, this symbolizes that communication between you and the angels is getting stronger. It is becoming easier and easier for your to receive and interpret angelic messages. This pleases the angels.

If you find a violet feather, your spiritual knowledge and wisdom are expanding into new levels of understanding and the angels are letting you know they are there to guide you in any way that can help you to embrace this new information.

So if you find a feather, let it be a reminder to you that the angels are near. Feel the warmth in your heart, give a big smile – and thank the angels for their presence in your life.

In  Love and Light,





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