New Beginnings

May_9Hello Angel Friends,

Springtime is the time for new beginnings, a time for fresh starts – where seeds of hopes and dreams are planted, cultivated and nurtured – and as they sprout and develop further, you can begin to see that your newly desired dream is now taking form. Continue with nurturing by right action so that before you know it, you’ll be living your new reality.

Spring is the perfect time to work with the powers of the new moon. Know what it is you want to create for yourself and then ask Archangel Gabriel, Ruler of Moon, for help.

If you haven’t already worked with Gabriel and the energies of the full moon to help you let go of any old scripts, behaviors or emotional ties that no longer serve your highest good, on the next full moon, ask Gabriel to help you with the process of letting go. (You can always remember during a full moon is the best time to release or let go of that you no longer want in your life. Think of it as the moon being too “full” to carry any more.) This may take more than one full moon.

When you are ready, on the next new moon, ask Gabriel to help you focus and expand into the reality of your new dream.  (You can always remember that you “add” to a new moon, as it is always ready to expand.) Ask him to help you plant the proper seeds in the proper time, in the proper place, and to show you how to cultivate and nurture in the best way for achieving your desired goal. Then, continue to work with Gabriel as the moon expands into fullness. If there are any obstacles blocking your success, at the next full moon, ask Gabriel to help you let go of what stands in your way – then continue with the process through the next new moon.

Springtime is the time to plant those seeds of development. It is a time of new growth, expansion into the new beginnings of your dreams, and a time above all, for taking care of yourself.

In Love and Light,




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