Quiet Your Mind

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Hello Angel Friends,

How do you take time to quiet your mind? Do you meditate on a regular basis? Do you make it a practice to stop and smell the flowers – taking it all in with long deep breaths? Do you take part in yoga, dance or the creative arts? How do you quiet your mind?

If you quiet your mind on a regular basis you will be more likely to receive angelic messages. By using your sense of sight to look, you will be more able to “see.” By paying attention to what is heard, you’ll be more able to “hear.” By noticing what you perceive, you’ll be more likely to “feel.”  And by trusting what comes to mind, you’ll be able to understand what you “know.”

These methods of receiving messages from your angels are called:

Clairvoyance – when you see

Clairaudience – when you hear

Clairsentience – when you feel

Claircognizance – when you know

And everyone can learn… start by practicing to look, listen, perceive, and trust.

In Love and Light,



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