Guardian Angels


Hello Angel Friends,

Everyone has a guardian angel! Our guardian angels are the ones who watch over us and are most persistent in trying to get our attention. They are the ones who send us the most signs – pennies, feathers, repetition of numbers, sounds, song lyrics…etc,. They are the ones who first come to our side when we call to the angels, whether or not we know to call them by name. Guardian angels are our “angel managers,” those who oversee other angels whose specialty happens to be taking care of the problem we are currently requesting help with.

Yes, everyone has a guardian angel – actually, everyone has at least two guardian angels. The first is your birth guardian, the angel who governs the day of the week you were born, and the second is your Zodiac angel, the angel who governs the Zodiac sign you were born into. These two guardians are your Primary Guardian Angels.

If you were born on Monday your guardian is Gabriel; Tuesday – Camael; Wednesday – Michael; Thursday – Zadkiel; Friday – Haniel; Saturday – Cassiel; Sunday – Raphael. For more information on these angels check out previous posts by selecting “Guardian Angels” in the Category search below..

More in-depth information on the birth and Zodiac guardians can be found in my book Discovering Angels. If you’re interested, here is the link to my website.  The book is also available at Amazon.

Guardians are our “go-to” angels, so call to them often – develop a relationship with them – and enjoy their presence in your life. Above all, be comforted by knowing that yes, you do have Guardian Angels watching over you!

In Love and Light,





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