An Angel Wish for You



Hello Angel Friends,

The angels are wishing the following for you today and want you to know you can use this any time you need a little extra help to get through your day. With angel wings surrounding you in comfort and love, the angels have this wish for you:

May you focus on Love, Often.

May you acknowledge your Blessings, Daily.

May recognize an ever-flowing source of Abundance, Frequently.

May you express a stream of genuine Gratefulness, Sincerely.

May you know angels surround you with their illuminating Love and Light, Always. 

May you know you are supported by the Angels, Forever.

Can you feel these words when you say them? How about taking one line at a time and concentrating on it for a few minutes? How about taking one line per day? For example,  “focus on Love, Often” and send love to those you care about often that day – just thinking it focuses your attention on love.  The next day acknowledge your blessings. The next day recognize the abundance in your life, etc. See what happens to your “worries” when you focus on these words.

In Love and Light,








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