10 Ways to Quiet Your Mind


Dear Angel Friends,

The angels are on a roll here – bringing to your attention that it’s important to take time for yourself by quieting your mind, breathing deeply and notice the beauty around you. Yesterday we talked about bringing back a bit of your childhood playfulness by gazing up at the cloud formations. Today the angels would like you to take time to smell the flowers, notice the beauty of your surroundings and learn some techniques for quieting your mind.

The angels are guiding you here to create a personal toolbox – putting into that box various ways, or tools, for helping you to refocus on the important things in life. When you’re down and out, take one of those tools out from your back pocket and put it into play right then and there. This brings your attention to the “good” aspects of your life, refocusing from the particular problem at hand. This may only change your perspective for a short while, but it brings in calming energy. The more you can refocus your thoughts, the stronger the calming energy becomes.  You may need to refocus with the same or different “tool” several times in a day, but that’s ok, because eventually, you’ll be able to quiet and relax your mind enough to begin to receive the messages the angels want you to have regarding your current situation.

Here are 10 Ways to quiet and refocus your mind. Add some of these to your toolbox. Choose what resonates with you – ones you can more easily put into practice. Write them down and put it in your wallet (or phone) for easy access when needed. It only takes 10 minutes to refocus your attention. Once you’ve cleared your mind, you will be more able to allow the signs of the angels to enter your awareness. Once you have your signs, the messages are quick to follow.  Here are some suggestions for clearing your mind:

  1. Cloud Gazing (see yesterday’s post)
  2. Taking in nature’s bounty – breathe in the floral fragrances, gaze at the beauty surrounding you, notice nature’s movements
  3. Sitting by a stream listening to the gentle sound of water as it passes by earth’s surface, or by the ocean listening to the sound of the waves caressing the shore
  4. Walking in the woods or sitting underneath a tree, gathering strength and energy from our majestic friends or watching as nature’s animals go about their business gathering food or romping around the land
  5. Listening to calming classical music such as pieces from the Baroque or Renaissance periods
  6. Meditating with or without music – active, guided or passive mediation
  7. Doing Yoga, Tai Chi, or other forms of slow, concentrated movement
  8. Writing a letter to yourself of all the things you’re grateful for in your life
  9. Engaging in an activity that keeps you busy – possibly volunteer to help someone less fortunate than you, or plant a garden, play with a beloved pet, go fishing, do whatever activity you normally enjoy
  10. Reading an uplifting, spiritual or self-help book (such as Discovering Angels – had to mention it! lol)

Well angel friends, I hope this post has given you some ideas of how to quiet your mind and refocus on the positive in your life. These, of course, are just suggestions. Take what you like, leave the rest, but start to build your toolbox so that you are never in a state of desperation without the means of self-help. Know it only takes 10 minutes – the hardest part is the first 3 minutes, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Sending Love and Light to you all,



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