The Angel’s Lighthouse


Dear Angel Friends,

Have you ever thought about the light emitted from the top of a lighthouse? No? I haven’t either – not until the angels brought it to my attention for sharing with you today. Think about it. What exactly does a lighthouse do? As I have always understood, they serve the function of helping to light the way of our seas for those ships entering rough waters or potentially dangerous areas. They are a navigational aid that warns of danger by lighting the path. They can’t literally take you out of a dangerous situation, but can provide you the vision for finding alternative routes to get to where you want to go safely.

The light the angels shed on your path works in a similar way. When you begin to gravitate toward potential danger, be it the “rough waters” of financial, personal or spiritual distress, the angels are there to light your path, helping you see your way toward other options that could lead to a safer path of travel. Just like the lighthouse helps the sea-person navigate away from danger, so does the light of the angels. And, if you call upon the angels for guidance, they will always be there to help you see and navigate toward other options.

The angels want you to call upon them before you hit the rough seas. Call to them when you are headed toward danger, before the you enter harm’s way. Call to the angels to light your way toward an alternate path, even if it seems unlikely to you that that path exists. Know that once light is shed in your direction, you will be better able to see the choices you have.

Travel safely on your journey’s path. Let the angels be your lighthouse.

In Love and Light,








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