Requesting Help From the Angels

wings of angel on the blue sky

Hello Angel Friends,

A common question I find coming up time and time again is “how do I ask the angels for help?”  I respond of course, “just call to them.” In my post A Basic Invocation, I provided a simple method for connecting with the angels.  But when you get down to the line that says “Ask your angel to be with you and state your request” you may find yourself at a loss for words. You may wonder, “how do I phrase my request, there’s so much going on – what exactly is my request, or what if I say it wrong.” This in itself may cause you more stress – and you certainly don’t need more stress in your life. So below I’m giving you a few examples of how to word your requests for angelic help.  You can either choose from them, or tailor your request with the help of these examples. Either way, know that it’s not how you ask the angels for help, what’s important is that you ask!

First, you want to narrow down what is causing you the most stress.  Is it work related, relationship, health, or general? Call to your primary guardian angel and/or both your primary and the angel governing your particular concern. As in the basic invocation, always call your angel’s name three times and close by thanking them. Here are some request examples:

If your concern is work related because you’ve lost your motivation, call to your primary guardian and to Archangel Uriel to help “spark you back into action.” Your request might be: “Please help me to find the spark within so that I become motivated with a new vision for the work I do and I once again, truly, enjoy working.”

If your concern is related to having the courage to speak up in a personal or work matter, you might call to your guardian, Archangel Camael (for courage), and Michael (for strength) with a request like: ” Please give me the strength and courage to speak up, with words coming from my heart, with results of being fair and beneficial to all parties involved.”  

If your concern is related to health, call to your guardian and Archangel Raphael. “Please send your healing green light to fill and surround me.  I ask that you take away that which ails me and bring my body, mind, and soul back into a state of balance.”

If your concern is related to difficulty in a love relationship, call to your guardian and Archangel Haniel. “Please heal my troubled heart so that I may be open to receiving the love I know I deserve, whether it be through my current relationship or one better waiting to enter my life.”

If your concern is that you are juggling so many things in your life that you feel frazzled and you need help prioritizing your responsibilities, call to your guardian and Archangel Cassiel. “Please help me to prioritize my responsibilities so that I can accomplish what I need to in an efficient way and experience a sense of peace and harmony within my life.”

These are just a few examples, but I think you get the picture. There is no right or wrong way to make your request to the angels. They are here to help you in any way that you need. You also don’t need to know the name of the specific angel that helps with your particular concern. Just call three times “Angels, Angels, Angels,” and the angels, including your guardian, will be with you.

One last thing. If you really can’t figure out in what way you need help, you can also just say, “Angels, please help me.” Or you can say “Angels, I don’t know what I need at this time, but I know I need your help, so please help me.” And the angels will know what it is you need because the angels see your entire journey. So just ask. That’s what the angels want you to know. 

As always, In Love, Light, and Angel Blessings, Pam



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